Translational Solutions for Healthcare specializes in helping entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups to develop, implement and grow their healthcare delivery and research innovations. 

November 29th, 2019 Market the Successful Launch of our Event Series

"Accelerating Innovations, Therapeutics and New Technologies for Rare Diseases"

In partnership with our Not-For-Profit, Translational.Solutions


We work closely with start-ups and companies focused on innovations in novel therapeutics, new technologies and medical devices. We also connect these innovators and entrepreneurs to angel and other investors as well as with charitable foundations, furthering exciting new medical, digital and other types of technologies. 


Educational and Up-Skilling Activity Services

Through our network of health care professionals and innovators, our team aims to connect educators, learners, patients and all those in between, with hopes to achieve our mission of improving the quality and access of healthcare through events, training programs and conferences.

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Advising and Supporting Innovative Translational Research

We work with companies to translate unmet medical needs into tangible solutions. Our goal is to implement health care innovation to benefit the global community. Ultimately, we are investing in outcomes that will help change the world.

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Supporting Innovators to Transform Healthcare Through New Medical Technologies, Therapeutics and Medical Devices

The speed of science and implementation has significantly accelerated within the last decade. We strive to help companies that are committed to revolutionizing healthcare through medical breakthroughs in areas such as novel disease management and groundbreaking medical research.

Medical advancements are in need of creative start-up companies with the potential to transform healthcare. Our focus on this transformative change includes advising and supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies focused on developing new approaches, technologies, devices, procedures and systems that will improve patients' longevity, clinical management and quality of life.

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Our Passion for Innovation

Translational Solutions for Healthcare specializes in the development, growth, and quality improvement of health care innovation. We are a boutique, passionate team, dedicated to the successful implementation of bringing the best interests of our clients to life and to establish genuine relationships.

We focus on learning the vision, mission, and what is truly important to our client, so that we can carry out our best work and strategies for successful implementation. As a team, we generate tireless efforts to gather data from all areas related to our clients' innovations, so that we can accurately provide the best strategy for our clients to scale, grow and succeed in an ever-changing healthcare environment.


Next Steps...

How can we help?

  • What can we do to help you and your team succeed?
  • How can we help to create and launch your innovation?
  • How can we help your new technology or device to reach a broader network?

We are always looking for collaborative opportunities, as well as local participation in our conference event series.

If you have a story to share, from personal healthcare navigation challenges, fundraising needs or a new innovation that can improve quality of life for others, let's connect!